Lutein, for Maintaining a 20/20 Vision

Published: 07th January 2011
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In Indianapolis, people often hear the substance lutein as an essential nutrient to good eyesight. How is lutein important to improving a personís vision? Well, a common eye illness among old people is the so-called AMD or the Age-related Macular Degeneration. This is now manifested among senior Americans and young Americans alike. This starts from blurriness that when left untreated may alter the 20/20 vision of a person or may lead to total blindness.

A personís normal eyesight or visual acuity is called a 20 20 vision. It is the clarity of vision expressed in fractions and it is measured at a standard distance of 20 feet. The first 20 in the fractional expression is the standard distance of the person from the object which is 20 feet or 6 meters. The second 20 in the fraction stands for the standard size of the object. 20 20 vision is considered as a normal vision acuity.

The retina has a peripheral and central part composed of zexanthin and lutein. These two substances can easily be found in a lot of everyday foods, like spinach and green-leafy vegetables. Insufficiency of these substances in the eyes may cause cataracts that could blind the eyes. That is why eye clinics in Indianapolis are promoting healthy foods for eyesight development as well as eyesight supplements.

In an Indianapolis eye clinic, eye doctors conduct visual tests and eye examinations to see whether a person has good eyesight. Sometimes, people donít really need eyeglasses yet, so optometrists would just recommend food supplements to take every day in order to get back to the normal 20/20 vision standard. One of the most popular eye care food supplement nowadays is lutein.

Lutein supplements can be available in all local drugstores and in every Indianapolis eye clinic. Eye doctors recommend this both to patients under eye treatments and to patients who do not need yet but would like to exercise prevention as early as possible. Lutein supplements are proven to be effective and safe to both children and adults.

A 20 20 vision Indianapolis eye doctors promote is not impossible to achieve. With proper diet and additional lutein supplements, good eyesight could be preserved. Eye diseases could also be treated through combined food supplements for the eyes and modern optical medications.

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